Vita Ultra SPF
Vita Ultra SPF


Vita Ultra SPF

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Feb 04 2020

Lightweight, sun-protected and a healthy dewy finish to your morning skincare routine - that’s the ultimate goal.

Vita Ultra SPF routine is here to score that. A duo that combines a moisture barrier dressing oil blend - Vita Ultra Facial Oil creates the perfect moisturised softened base for Sensitive Balancing Sun Protection to melt into effortlessly. Unlike chalkiness, greasiness or white-cast that applying sunscreen usually leave you with, what’s left is skin ready to deflect extremely damaging UV Rays while serving healthy dewy skin on the outside and rebuilding an undefeated moisture barrier behind the scenes.

Depending on desired dewiness or moisture, pump 2-5 drops of Vita Ultra Facial Oil onto palm. Warm oil by rubbing palms together and press on skin to distribute evenly. Follow up with a generous amount of Sensitive Balancing Sun Protection applied to skin in light spreading motions.