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Dec 25 2018


The Clear Gift Box is the perfect Xmas present to offer yourself or your best mate blemish-free & brighter skin entering 2019.

This set features 3 highly concentrated, targetted steps that easily incorporates into any skincare routine to fade post inflammatory scars, post inflammatory erythema, sun-spots, dullness and multiple forms of blemishes without compromising skin's health - put simply, it's the thoughtful gift of new confidence and glow

All products included are full size


The first step clears all hindrance to the dewy skin look: dead skin cells, dullness, bumps, blackheads and whiteheads. Powered by the gentlest exfoliating acid, Betaine Salicylate seeps beneath skin surface to dissolve lingering congestion while loosening the cling of dead skin cells for effortless rinse off. The magic lies in the fresh-out-of-facial polish that's ready to absorb the coming steps optimally without irritation or dryness.

Simplistic Wonder Essence

An extremely concentrated brightening tonic powered by science and botanicals. Wonder Essence combines Niacinamide - a pore tightening, melanin dispersing Vitamin B3 - and Glutathione - arguably the most important anti-oxidant found in human bodies - to brighten up patches of dullness while fading spots of blemishes concurrently, revealing clearer & brighter skin that's actively fighting off pigment gatherings caused by unsafe sun exposure and inflammatory responses caused by acne etc

Sealing prior steps and overdriving the flaw banishing journey, Rose Illuminator Moist Cream covers vulnerable skin in Fermented Rosehip oil that tops the skin in an immediately strengthened moisture barrier that accelerates the healing of blemishes while safeguarding from aggravated damage that prevents progress. High in Vitamin C and red berry extracts chosen to brighten and spark radiance, this well-rounded nourishing treatment cream ends the routine with the ultimate Clear favour 

In an exclusive Evening Island White Gold Xmas Box

Served on a base of protective paper stuffing

+ a 2m long ribbon for any type of knot
(we love a classic ribbon bow)