How do I track my order?
Once an order is placed successfully, you will receive tracking details pertaining to your order via email.
How will I receive my order?
EVENING ISLAND is still new. We're unable to send our goblins out of our shore to deliver your package at the moment. In the mean time, we're using a third-party solution from Singapore. They'll pick up your order, and send it directly to your doorstep. When demand increases (with your support), we'll send them directly to you - Handling with greater care and allowed a sneak peak of your living space.
Currently we ship with plain kraft boxes. We want your packaging ideas. Send us your best idea to help@eveningisland.com with "MY PACKAGING IDEA" as the subject line.
You'll be contacted for a free personalised routine if we use your idea. Completely free, not even shipping fee.
I do not know which product(s) best suit my skin. Help!
Start with filters. Select what most concern you at the moment: 
Aging (sagginess/wrinkles/finelines)?

Troubled skin (pores/oiliness/blemishes)?

Lackluster (dullness/uneven skintone/tired skin)?

Everything in EVENING ISLAND is suitable for sensitive, acne-prone skin.
I still can't decide what is best for me. Can I consult someone?
Sure, we'd be happy to help. Currently we only offer consultations via Email. Send your name and what you'd like to achieve with your skin to help@eveningisland.com
One of our little goblins (worry not, experienced and verified) will get back within 4 working hours or less. We're working hard to enable better ways for skin consultations. Bare with us will you?
What's different about your skincare selection?
The efficacy. EVENING ISLAND doesn't understand sub-standards. Traditional retail selection comes from a place of money. How much money can I make if I carry your brand? Will you host costly advertisements, celebrity endorsements & press? 
We don't ask those questions. On the shelves of EVENING ISLAND, every single product goes through a thorough testing phase. If it doesn't work, it'll not make it onto our shore. The first thing we do is vet the ingredient list: we make sure no harmful ingredients are added. EVENING ISLAND is delicate. A drop of selfishness, paraben, alcohol or artificial fragrance can erode our grounds. Next we sneak into the factories manufacturing the products to make sure they aren't killing any animals or polluting the environment. Only then it's allowed to pass through customs to EVENING ISLAND. 
Nothing monetary involved. Nothing ignorant involved. Nothing non-essential involved. We believe that's very different.
What do you mean by highly concentrated skincare essentials?
When we say highly concentrated we mean undiluted. Most of the time, water/aqua takes first place on an ingredient list. That means out of all the ingredients, water is added in the highest percentage. 
That to us, is a weak formula and most of the time under-deliver (based on experience). Unless a ground-breaking technology is involved, we wouldn't consider shelving it.
When we say essential, we mean it. All the products we list are essential in it's own field. Every drop worthy.
  1. absolutely necessary; extremely important.
Since your products are cruelty-free, will any percentage of your proceeds be funded to a relevant organization?
We're open to the idea. EVENING ISLAND is still a fairly unknown location, once we become more widely know (with your help), we'll be given more options and opportunities to do our part. 
In the meantime, shopping our curations decreases the demand for ignorantly created products. The most crucial first step.
How long after I place an order, will I receive my order?
Currently it takes 3-5 working days to receive your order. We are working hard to reduce the delivery time to 1-2working day(s). 
How much does shipping cost?
We only use standard shipping to prevent lost or damaged products. Standard shipping is $5 (Free shipping for all orders above $50). We're based in EVENING ISLAND but to accommodate to your convenience, we calculate in SGD.
What is your return policy like?
We respect your decision. Return your order within 7 days and we'll cover shipping fee. Email help@eveningisland.com and everything will be taken care off.