Launching Evening Island

When we decided to start Evening Island, there was only one goal in mind and to describe the goal blatantly: We wanted Singaporean's to be able to experience the other side of the skincare world. One that's harsh-free, innovative and highly efficacious. 

We always had a different perspective of the word "Quality". When it comes to skincare, no one really talks about "Quality". Fancy packaging and 'instant' results stood out the most, coupled with gimmicky marketing and ephemeral effects.

Evening Island Founders

Violet and I have been in the online beauty e-commerce industry since 2013. We handled everything from sourcing, researching and marketing products. During the years, we were sent skincare routine questions everyday from woman and men all over Singapore who wants to take care of their skin but are anchored by the uncertainty the skincare industry have scarred them with in the past. 

Overtime, the growing need of a stress-free skincare shopping experience where everything was laid out and transparent grew on us. Where modern, evolve-centric individuals could parade True Quality and the latest innovations from around the world.

Because we were in touch mostly with Korean brand owners for work, we'd scour the streets of Seoul or Jeju Island whenever we travelled for business meetings. Stuffing our suitcases with the latest skincare products that met our "Quality" standards when we're leaving. The first time we discovered Tremella Mushroom Creams and Agave Cactus ampoules, we were sold. Sold on the actuality that there's this generous, high-performing advanced skincare world out there. 

We decided to quit everything we were doing to start Evening Island debuting with four cutting edge Korean brands. Our curation process is stringent. We start by vetting ingredients, followed by understanding the values and aims of the brand. We make sure that brand ethics are sound before we test any product. 

We do not curate products containing artificial and harsh ingredients like parabens, SLS, mineral oils, alcohol, silicones and fragrances. In fact every product on Evening Island now are waterless. Prior and part to curating these products, Violet and I were going through tough times in our lives and during those years our skin visibly suffered. We went through first hand unflawed teenage skin that turned into troubled blemished skin that's hyper-senstive. We took our skin as the archetypal testing grounds for the products we curate, making sure they deliver skin-changing results without compromise.

We're incredibly grateful and humbled to share our discoveries and passion for skincare with you. In honour of our launch, use code "LAUNCHWEEK" to receive 10% off your order from today, 23rd May 2017 to 29th May 2017. Happy shopping for that definitive street glow!

Questions and greetings and can be submitted to Hearing from you would mean the Island is a little livelier. 

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