How To: Strategically Put Together An Error-Free Skincare Routine

I remember walking down a department store about 5 years ago, looking up and browsing through the skincare brands with a squint, subconsciously taking mental notes on which counter's gonna be favorable for my acneic skin.

I settled for a brand that emits a clinical, gentle, natural resound. I surrended to the saleslady's recommendation upon first question: "Which cleanser's best for my skin condition" Notable brands that would make it into my skincare arsenal are Biotherm (Homme or not) and Clinique because they looked reputable and they're costly, they must've somethin' sciency in there ainnit'?

The saleslady recommended a baby blue bottle flaunting a white foam pump that stamps the word "ACNE" front and center. She explained I needed something that cleanses well but is also gentle. She explained "This is popular among our breakout prone customers and your breakouts and blemishes will stop. Formulated just for breakout prone skin" as she holds it with one hand, and supports the base of the bottle with the other palm.

Within thoughts, I was halfway done with payment, victoriously marching my way home with my lil paper bag.

The Question

How do I put together the perfect skincare routine, for me?

The Answer

1) Start out by asking yourself - What are you trying to achieve when you slather skincare products on your skin.

To hydrate dry skin? To stop breaking out? To brighten and even out dull skintone? To plump up aging fine lines? To achieve a healthy glow? To smooth out irregular surface? To tighten pores? To appear like a glowing goddess? To render skin ageless?

2) Break the cycle - You'll never achieve that god-like hydrated glow yet alone prevail your skin concerns without first addressing what's the root cause.

Dry skin may be caused by:

  • Harsh cleanser stripping skin of natural oils and unwiring normal skin functions
  • Badly created topicals that includes moisture binders that suck moisture out of skin
  • Habitating oftenly in low-humidity environment
  • Dehydrated body

Prematurely aged skin may be caused by:

  • Dehydration from stripping cleansers
  • Sun exposure without protection
  • Free radicals and a deterioration of anti-oxidants and collagen

Your skin may be absorbing the most futuristic, hydrative moisturizer but employ an invading cleanser, and you're led back to the drawing board with each wash. Resenting your genetically mulish skin.

Your skin may be well protected from the sun with an SPF 50 cushion compact that you liberally apply hourly, but because your stress levels are consistently high, the stress hormone cortisol ramps on high daily - depleting anti-oxidants, raising sebum production and causes inflammation. Wrecking up skin's fundamental strength to fight against-free radicals, retain moisture ect.

From cleansers to sleeping packs, thoughtfully identify what your skin needs and navigate through a trusted curation.

Feeling a (concern) little dryness (reason) following a cleanse?

Switch to a hydrating cleanser like Begin Cleanser that promises a clean hydrated canvas while nourishing the skin with Raw Honey.

The combination of (reason) excessive sebum, sweat, makeup and external pollutants (concern) clogging up your pores?

A squeaky clean external and hydrated internal is ideal. Leaving the shower with a squeaky clean surface without feeling tight is an unprecedented formula until Whamisa's Organic Flowers Cleansing Cream came along. Chunking a ton of skin repairing Rice Extract as a waterless base for a squeaky clean finish that doesn't feel dry. S'pore approved.

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Realised that your skin doesn't retain moisture? Need to open the flood gates of hydration to your (reason) moisture barrier impaired (concern) dry skin?

Make your pick between the viscous Whamisa Organic Flowers Deep Rich Toner or the science-y liquid of Simplistic Wonder Essence for impeccable hydration and a youthful revisit thanks to the substantial humectants involved in repairing a weak moisture barrier.

The hopeful acne foam cleanser I strided home with felt great the first week of use. My skin felt cleansed and invigorated from a new introduction (often the case), my acne felt under control until the 8th day when the cleanse felt like it wasn't "working" anymore.

The truth is I didn't need a deep cleanse that's pretentiously non-drying (felt like a thin film of moisture lingering on my skin after cleansing). My skin was very dry at that point, to not dry it out further was inadequate.

I needed hydration and nourishment at every step of the way, EVEN THROUGH CLEANSING.

The lesson: To form the perfect skincare lineup to combat your skin problems and possess a head-turning glow, understand what you want to achieve when you look at your skin in the mirror and dive deep into what the roadblocks or root causes are before mindlessly picking up an "anti-aging" product. Most of the time, the root of the problem is hidden in plain sight so keep asking why and your next skincare routine will hover you a sea view closer to that masterful complexion.

We're also constantly on our desk to help out. Email us at if you're struggling with a personalised routine!

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