How to achieve smooth, skin-tight makeup that stays the same from dawn till dusk *Summer-proof*

skincare for makeup

 Today we’re reaching for the makeup goal you’ve lost hope on.

 Buttery smooth, skin-tight makeup that stays put from morning till night. Throw in some lit from within hydration and glow.  

You know, the daily operandi where you apply foundation to cover your blemishes, even out skin tone etc but want your skin to appear like it doesn't have a layer of foundation on?

The holy grail makeup application that happens possibly only once every fortnight, the only times you actually don't want to wipe your makeup off when you reach home because you look 💯, tempting you to hit the nightclub cause the night is still young?


Yeah.. we’ve all kinda lost hope on that unrealistic attainment haven’t we? Cakey obvious makeup that requires whipping out your powder compact every few hours to 'top up' kinda became the norm..



 I mean, Singapore’s scorching weather - The unavoidable perspiration that trickles down your forehead and pools on your philtrum + the unpredictable condition of your skin surprising you with dry patches on Mondays and excess sebum on another. 


On most (normal) days, it's barely half the day in and my foundation starts cracking / smudging / falling into pores / slipping & slidin' call it whatever you want.


Believe it or not


At one point, I was conditioned to view patchy makeup that cracks up like the Sahara dessert around my alar, fall within the pores on my nose and seep between the dynamic lines on my forehead as totally normal


Those were my skin’s shortcomings after all, right? How would I be able to achieve a smooth makeup appearance if I didn’t have the smoothest skin texture to begin with? Not to mention, non-budging makeup. 


Turns out I was dead wrong. Even my best friend who has no skin troubles and smooth skin texture doesn't win the lottery to automatic skin-tight, non-budging makeup. I mean of course her makeup looked smoother and less bumpy than mine given her smoother skin beneath, but when the evening strikes, her makeup looked uneven and not the kind of flawless we're looking for (too)


It just seemed like coming home to makeup that looks about as flawless as the very second you exit your home in the morning just doesn’t happen. Not at least in this humidity & heat.. or on my not near perfect skin..


BUT the truth is...  I just needed to understand the equation. The equation that’ll liberate me from an obvious layer of makeup above my natural skin to once and for all: silky smooth, skin-tight makeup that doesn’t give way. 


The smooth, skin-tight makeup equation

What’s the equation?


Smooth canvas + gripping canvas = the holy grail makeup application 


It’s that simple!


1) To achieve makeup that applies smooth, you need a smooth canvas.

2) To achieve makeup that looks as if your own skin and doesn’t budge, you need a gripping canvas!


“My MAC primer would do it” - say’s no one ever


If you’re like me, you’d wouldn’t want to be stuck in the gutter when it comes to beauty.


And primers… they’re so 2009. To makeup gurus and beauty editors in the west, primers are like this god-sent miracle worker that does everything a women wants when it comes to applying makeup: Holds makeup in place for longer + Makes for a smoother makeup application 


Sadly, this is done by filling up your pores and fine lines with silicone so that it creates this smooth skin canvas that your makeup can better apply on. It’s simple science, really. 


But the last time I checked and badly experienced, silicones are hyper-comedogenic and if you have sensitive or acne prone skin, every primer you try will probably cause more irritation and pimples than makeup can hide… So not everyone can use it, and those who can shouldn't either.


Prepping Skin For Makeup 2.0 

 If you teleported to the streets of Gangnam-gu in Seoul, women in smooth, skin-tight makeup will indefinitely strike you, even in hot summer months. 


How do they achieve such mien every . single . day?


Skincare. No, not just your favourite toner but the ones that are actually responsible for creating the perfect equation. Remember? Smooth Canvas + Gripping Canvas

Super Barrier

They're called Super-Barriers! Think magical invisible barrier that plumps, smooths and grips! 


Smooth Canvas

Unlike primers that fills in your pores with silicone, these super-barriers actually firms and hydrate your skin in such intensity that your skin is plump with moisture which in turn shuts your pores up.


As you pat them onto your skin evenly, it creates an invisible protective layer that sits on your skin up creating the smoothest canvas!


Are you in awe? Cause I am! Let's move on...

Gripping Canvas

Now that your skin transformed into an ultra-smooth canvas, super-barrier formulas are simultaneously tacky, grabbing onto your foundation as you apply. That way your makeup clings onto your skin for a full day!


Before you irk at the idea of ‘tacky’, take a deep breath of delight for the stickiness eventually melts into your skin without a tinge of stickiness left, literally.


Even if you applied a prior skincare step that’s kinda sticky, super-barriers wraps them all up, and melts into your skin in minutes leaving nothing but warm & smooth baby butt surface.


The result?

Your makeup applies like your skin beneath is smooth AF and grips onto your skin. As the tacky canvas slowly melts into your skin, your makeup becomes as good as skin, unable to slip throughout the day! 

 The only catch is to apply your foundation in patting motion to prevent from rubbing the tacky canvas as it dries down. Patting your foundation on also touts a more even and less streaky application than swiping your foundation on.

An added bonus: Because super-barriers are (at the end of the day) skincare, your skin also benefits from ingredients in the formula, emitting a glow of hydration and radiance from within


For Oily / Acne Prone Skin Types 

Pyunkang Yul Moisture Ampoule

Pyunkang Yul Moisture Ampoule

Take Pyunkang Yul Moisture Ampoule as an example, a cult favourite makeup gripping skincare by day, ultra-hydrating sleeping pack by night.


Use before makeup/sunscreen for the healthiest, smoothest makeup application.


For Dry Skin with anti-aging needs

Pyunkang Yul Balancing GelPyunkang Yul Balancing Gel

Pyunkang Yul Balancing Gel is a thicker version of Moisture Ampoule, providing more moisture and protection for drier, more brittle skin types that needs intensive care. 

Watch this minute long review of both Pyunkang Yul Moisture Ampoule & Pyunkang Yul Balancing Gel 

*video has been set to skip to mentioned part

Are you ready to flaunt smooth, skin-tight makeup?

Who would've thought prepping your skin for the perfect makeup application delivers serious skin benefits too?

Pat these moisture bursting super-barriers on before working in your makeup and you're immediately flashing unbudging, plushy smooth makeup that's glowing from beneath. 

To flawless, skin-tight makeup daily!


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  • Sammy Lee

    Thanks for the tips, I’ve used porefessional primer for years and loved it but recently switched to balancing gel and I can see the immediate difference on how much better my makeup turns out. My skin also doesn’t feel dry by midday now which is how it used to be.

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