Turning my skin poreless: Artichoke Power Essence

Truth be told

Yuri pibu artichoke power essence

We all want poreless skin.


The refined, smooth surface that looks like silken tofu even under the brightest sunlight. 


It's rare, but when you encounter such poreless skin, it's either a passing stranger or a Korean actress on the TV.


When it comes to your reflection, what greets you in HD is a surface full of mini bumpy, enlarged pores. 


And if you come to think about it, it's been years with tens or maybe even hundreds of skincare products in and out of your life and yet, nothing is smart enough to beat the pores.


Yes, maybe your skin looks brighter or perhaps more hydrated, but your pores, they're the same - stubborn and ever so obvious.


I just described my life story that took a turn once Artichoke Power Essence entered my life.


Yuri Pibu Artichoke Power Essence

Sorry for the quarter filled bottle image. Too irresistible to not layer it after toning daily.


After emptying many products that didn’t do justice for my pores, one fine morning a few months ago the door bell rang and EMS handed me a parcel containing Artichoke Power Essence, shipped out by the brand owner of Yuri Pibu, whom I met a couple of months ago. 


I said YES


Ever bought a beauty product and just knew “this is the one”?


That’s how I felt when my skin drank the essence up like a thirsty dehydrated person in a dessert. 


Although milky in appearance, Artichoke Power Essence spreads out thin and lightweight. 


While most essences either finishes with a residual layer of slip or stickiness, Artichoke Power Essence disappeared into my skin as though my skin was desperately craving for it. 


I touched my skin after Artichoke Power Essence has completely absorbed and I was completely puzzled in an amazing way - it felt and looked as though I had not applied any skincare, yet the fortified appearance of my skin is proof.


The immediate transformation 


Imagine wearing a gentle clay mask that has dried down -> the entire day!


That’s what Artichoke Power Essence does to your skin - only that the gentle tightening and firming power happens beneath your skin, working hard behind the scenes to keep your pores at it’s most primed and lifted. 


What’s more, Artichoke Power Essence additionally plumps and hydrates with nourishing ingredients, leaving your skin feeling and looking so bouncy that your visible fine lines and dryness takes the backseat while your pores move deeper into obscurity. 

The best way to describe it? Velvety smooth, lifted skin with minimised pores!

The Yuri Pibu Difference 

A HUGE part of what I do @ Evening Island is scour for exceptional, heart melting formulas. 


The ones that not only capture our hearts with love but deliver efficacious and glowing results too. Yuri Pibu Artichoke Power Essence is one of those products that didn't just meet all of our curation ideals but it’s one-of-a-kind formula directly translates into pore crushing, velvety-smooth skin results.


Sarah Lee, co-founder of Glow Recipe, a natural Korean beauty site (where I came to know the brand Yuri Pibu) poured her heartfelt rave of Yuri Pibu’s Artichoke Power Essence in her blog article titled Proven on my skin: Artichoke Power Essence


Within the review, a chemist from a renowned R&D lab in Korea said:

 “Yuripibu’s formulas are a golden standard. 

We are still trying to figure out how they make such blends of botanical ingredients without
using synthetic preservatives, and maintain those textures. 

It’s almost a miracle.”  


Don't take my word for it

Artichoke power essence


Take the jaw-dropping ingredient list as proof. Walking around with lifted, poreless skin takes an army of nourishing  ingredients.

Artichoke Power Essence’s full ingredient list:

Artichoke Leaf Extract (60%), Witch Hazel Water, Glycerin, Coco-caprylate, Silica, Eclipta Prostra Extract, Sunflower Seed Oil, Zanthoxlylum Piperitum Fruit Extract, Pulsatilla Koreana Extract, Lichen Extract, Galactomyces Ferment Filtrate, Beuthero Root Extract, Cathamus Tinctorius (Safflower Seed) Oil, Rose Flower Oil, Lavender Oil, Tea Tree Leaf Oil, Ceramide 3, Sodium Hyaluronate, Phytosphingosine, Yeast Polysaccharides, Cholesterol, Lecithin, Squalene, Glucoyl Ceramide, Keratin Amino Acids, Shea Butter, Tocopherol, Adenosine, Xanthan Gum, Cetearyl Olivate, Sorbitan Olivate, Sclerotium Gum


The formula is waterless, free of fragrance, alcohol, parabens and all that weird chemicals that usually comes with gimicky pore products.


A closer look


  • Artichoke Leaf Extract (60%) 


Artichoke is at the top of the game when it comes to dramatically tightening your pores and firming saggy skin. If you’re like me and despise your lazy enlarged pores and saggy-by-the-day skin, it’s time to put this anti-oxidant + peptide rich vegetable to work.


  • Ceramide 3


If you have a compromised moisture barrier, ceramide 3 is the missing piece that fills in the blank to complete a strong healthy barrier that locks in moisture and rebuilds smoother skin surface 


  • Galactomyces Ferment Filtrate


A super, multi-tasking fermented ingredient that treats blemishes, hyper-pigmentation and acne in effect of boosting your skin's overall health.


Siberian ginseng, hyaluronic acid and 10 other natural moisturising factors (NMFs) takes part of Artichoke Power Essence’s cult formula too!


 Binge Watch Beauty Influencers Review on the Artichoke Power Essence

All reviews have been fast forwarded to thoughts on Artichoke Power Essence for your convenience 

Crush the struggle of stubborn enlarged pores

No one wants to claw, bleed and fight their way to keep their pores in check. 


We want a reliable sure fire way to whip pores shut and create that smooth, velvet texture with no compromise whatsoever - Artichoke Power Essence was carefully designed to do just that.


Given my skin's nature - oily with enlarged pores, I’ve never felt more confident with the subtle glow and smooth texture of my skin whenever I treat my skin with this potent, creamy essence.

Poreless Skin 

Are you ready to artiCHOKE your sagging pores away?


Click here to Shop Artichoke Power Essence and browse more products.

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