Introducing Pyunkang Yul - The Ancient Eastern Medicinal Skincare

It feels like a part of you now doesn’t it?


Living with sensitive skin that displays itself in the form of disastrous redness, itchiness, bumps, breakouts and what not..


Daily flare ups triggered by the littlest things like stepping into a humid restroom or using the wrong moisturiser


And although you’ve learned overtime which skincare wrecks havoc on your skin and stopped using them


All you’re left with is a bunch of products that do not cause a reaction, but doesn’t cure your hyper-sensitivity either


What you desperately want is a strategically designed skin prescription ready to treat the root cause of your skin’s disorder


Regaining the original healthy version of your skin you once had once and for all


But that’s a lot to ask for right?


Considering that even the most expensive brands or dermatologist prescribed skincare didn’t make any significant impact


Just as I was about to accept the fact that all of us with sensitive skin will just have to stick it out and treat our visibly and mentally distressing skin meltdowns spontaneously as they come and go


Pyunkang Yul, a skincare line developed by a renowned ancient eastern medicine hospital in South Korea launched


And it’s about to change everything


The Diagnosis

  Dr. Seo


Here’s the hard truth: Your sensitive skin is not just that.. sensitive skin


You have an Atopic Skin Disorder


But before you rush to close this tab and return to your Facebook news feed in fear and disbelief, think about it:


Your skin has malfunctioned (a disorder) and the resulting symptoms are sensitivity, breakouts, inflammation etc..


With all disorders/diseases, the only way for cure is to address the root cause of it


And you’re right.. addressing the root cause of your skin’s disorder is easier said than done


Unless you enter a Renowned Ancient Eastern Korean Medicine Hospital that is


Thankfully Pyunkang Hospital - a renowned ancient eastern medicinal hospital that specialises in curing chronic diseases using only highly-effective potent medicinal roots launched Pyunkang Yul


A skincare line created due to the staggering demand of patients seeking help with Atopic Skin Ailments


And with a track record of over 155 000 patients and 161 locations all over South Korea


Tackling the root cause of acute disorders is their specialty which led Pyunkang Hospital to renowned status


Ready for your prescription?


 Pyunkang Yul


The formulas

Pyunkang Yul Herbs

Pyunkang Yul skincare is centered around 2 miraculous Korean medicinal roots


Just like how different medicine are prescribed for different illnesses, the 2 medicinal roots treat your skin's disorder based on what it needs 


For normal to oilier skin types, Coptis Japonica Root (a.k.a Hwangryun) is prescribed to regulate sebum production and cool down skin’s temperature while delivering anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds


For drier skin types, Astragalus membranaceus Root (a.k.a Hwanggi) is prescribed to increase blood circulation which builds up skin’s immunity, speeds up healing and nourish skin with over 100+ phyto-chemicals  - the good sort of plant chemicals


Both works your skin towards balance, which according to Pyunkang Yul is the crux to regain and achieve the healthy skin you once had. This time with added glow.


The entire Pyunkang Yul’s skincare line is also Waterless without single drop of water that dilutes their medicinal formulas!


It’s like a concentrated brew of oriental Korean medicine in a bottle!


What’s more: Pyunkang Yul formulas do not contain any unnecessary ingredients that you normally see in a lot of skincare products including essential oils, fragrances, alcohol and fillers


This allows the chosen medicinal root to work optimally without irritation caused by a redundantly long list of ingredients


Some products only contain 5 ingredients making up the entire formula - talk about potency!


 Gothamista covers each and every Pyunkang Yul product 


Your Prescription


Pyunkang Yul products


No, you do not need every single product from Pyunkang Yul's line


Pyunkang Yul’s prescriptions are designed to cater to your specific skin type which is why they have 2 distinct toners, moisturisers and so on


Because your skin type indicates the type of irregularity your skin is going through, it suggests the type of medicine and formula consistency it'll need


I’ve created a Pyunkang Yul Routine Guide that combines only the products developed specifically for your skin type


For Oily Skin


Click Here to view routine 

This routine focuses on cooling skin’s internal temperature and regulating oil production, bringing even the most persistent oily skin back to normal with oriental Korean medicine Coptis Japonica Root



 Pyunkang Yul Cleansing Foam

Pyunkang Yul Mist Toner

Pyunkang Yul Moisture Serum

Pyunkang Yul Moisture Cream

Pyunkang Yul Moisture Ampoule


All formulas in the Oily/Normal routine are lightweight and cooling


For Dry Skin

 Pyunkang Yul Dry Routine

Click Here to view routine 

This routine focuses on raising skin’s temperature and stimulating blood circulation with oriental Korean medicine Astragalus Membranaceus Root all while delivering moisture 



Pyunkang Yul Essence Toner

Pyunkang Yul Oil

Pyunkang Yul Nutrition Cream

Pyunkang Yul Balancing Gel


All formulas in the Dry/Combi routine are richer but sinks into skin with comfort without greasiness


 Get prescribed


You’ve been played around long enough with unqualified products suitable for sensitive skin


And although you’ve gotten used to your skin’s hyper-sensitivity and troubles, you know deep down that this is just a phase


A phase that’ll finally reach it’s final days once you start curing your skin from the inside out if only such formulas existed or were more accessible


Now that Pyunkang Yul has transcended Korea, it's never been easier to prescribe top notch ancient eastern medicinal skin remedies for your skin 


Add to the fact that these prescriptions are developed by a highly acclaimed, renowned and sought after hospital in South Korea


You’ll be on your way to balanced, glowing skin in no time


So do your skin a favour, start addressing the root cause of your Atopic Skin Disorder and be on your way to your healthiest, un-reactive skin in years


I’ll be here to welcome you


Pyunkang Yul


  • Ita

    Hi. Im from Malaysia. I have dry skin. I want to purchase the dry line skincare but it out of stock. Kindly notify me when it is available

  • Hazel

    Love the Texture for my Dry Prescription. Will love to continue trying others products. Can’t wait to share with my friends. Cheers~

  • Freda Loh

    Wanted to hop on here to mention how amazing the dry skin prescription routine is! Skin used to always be dry no matter how heavy of creams I use and for some reason after using this routine my skin is not dry anymore, the redness caused by sensitivity is gone and my skin is super clear and dewy. It’s like i achieved my dream skin just from this routine. I can’t live without Balancing Gel, Oil and Nutrition Cream especially I believe they are the ones that makes the biggest difference because of how my skin feels whenever I use them. Thanks Evening Island for such a heavenly site and for bringing such standards of skincare to Singapore. You’ve gained my trust and your CS is incredible!

  • Katherine Lim

    Can you please give me the link to purchase the hydraulic acid toner? Thank you in advance.

  • Zoe

    Hi, I live in Malaysia. I had suffer from eczema and dry skin since kids. Can you recommend skincares that suit me? Thank you

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