What applying 7 layers of toner will do for your skin

7 Skin Method

About 10 months ago, the idea of methodically patting a hydrating toner in the skin 7 times spiked in popularity. Everyone from Korea's top beauty bloggers to Ajummas infront of their vanity were indulging in the 7 skin method because of it's glowing and nourishing effects. And you know, if there's raving consensus of a new Skincare method in Korea, it'll probably not disappoint.

What is the 7 skin method

Eloquently explained in Singapore's revered beauty magazine Female, it is the act of increasing skin hydration levels to a maximum with just 1 skincare product - a nourishing & hydrating essence-toner. In Korea, essence-toners have replaced conventional astringent toner.

The 7 Skin Method Steps

  1. Cleanse your skin with your favourite cleanser (our holygrail is Begin Cleanser)
  2. While skin is still slightly damp, dispense 1-2 drops of essence toner onto dry palms and warm up the product by rubbing your palms together. This will help the product absorb better.
  3. Gently apply the product by pressing onto skin, starting with the most troubled areas like areas prone to redness or dryness. Pat, pat and pat to facilitate absorption. Just before absolute absorption (when skin is still slightly damp with product), press in the next layer.

A dime size amount is all you need!

Each layer gently patted into the skin primes the skin to absorb the next layer while driving prior layers to sink deeper, creating a chamber where the essence-toner is readily welcome into your skin, even with multiple layers.

7 Skin Method In S'pore

Hyper-glow without the risk of stickiness or clogging

Fresh out of facial glow!

Living in Singapore can be a little confusing for our skin. One moment we're facing the dryness from indoor aircons, and next moment sweat trickles down our forehead in attempt to get lunch.

The volatile forecast makes skincare a little tricky especially during the day. I noticed that with the 7 skin method, my skin felt firm, hydrated and nourished throughout the entire day without any greasiness - whether in freezing or tropical conditions - unlike a multi-step routine that can create heaviness and stickiness. 

Unlike moisturizers, essence-toners are more liquid-like, calling for deeper penetration without any risk of pore clogging when fused with makeup, pollution and perspiration throughout the day. This means intensified yet weightless hydration and nourishment - looking fresh out of your sleep from dawn till dusk.

How to pick an essence toner

When using a harsh-free, nourishing essence-toner, every skin type will benefit. A perception i'd like to debunk is that too much hydration will cause oiliness. It is usually the opposite. When skin is well hydrated, oil production stabilizes and pores tightens up.

A rule of thumb is to choose a product your skin needs most: like improving elasticty and saggy pores with Arithcoke Power Toner or brightening skin tone with Simplistic Wonder Essence. I'd stay away from anything with Alcohols or Fragrances because those can be too drying and irritating.

Since the 7 skin method is essentially force-feeding your skin with the essence-toner of choice, a product that's natural, free of alcohols, artificial fragrances and surfactants (some toners contain surfactants for cleansing purposes)

What to apply after

In the mornings, reaching out for sunscreen and makeup right after the 7 skin method is perfect. Moisturisers and creams can take a back seat when you're already on such a super-charged hydration routine. I'll experience the most intrinsic plumpness and glow to my skin that makeup can't fake.

On nights where i'm a feeling a little more exhausted than usual and need a quicker routine, i'd go in with Birch Juice Hydro Essence Skin and layer thrice, following up with a moisturizer and that's it. Seven is just a number, and I recommend that you start out with a number your skin feels comfortable with like three layers and work up from there.


#1 Pyunkang Yul Essence Toner

Refreshingly perks up skin's vitality and plumpness with it's bouncy texture that does not leave a tinge of tackiness behind. Our favourite Essence Toner for the 7 skin method. 

p/s: promotes blood circulation too 

Pyunkang Yul Essence Toner

#2 Wonder Essence

Water-light consistency that soaks a high concentration of anti-oxidants into your skin. Designed to awaken dull skin, the 7 skin method enhances Wonder Essence by 10 folds causing an influx of bright, even skin. 

Wonder Essence

#3 Birch Juice Hydro Essence Skin

Made up of over 70% Birch Tree Sap, the life blood of the Birch Tree invades your skin with high levels of Vitamin C and micro-moisture that stays active beneath your skin for an all-bright, all-full skin appearance. 

Birch Juice Hydro Essence Skin

Will you try the 7 skin method? Let us know what essence-toner you're gearing up with in the comment section below!




  • Priscilla

    I tried the 7 skin method today with wonder essence and I must say it has really changed my skincare routine and skin in it’s entirety. Thank you for introducing this method and product to me.

  • Jessica

    Hi, I am still confusing. The steps are
    1) clean only with cleaning oil
    2) Essence toner (apply 7 times???)

    Night time
    Which one should I apply first?

    Thank you

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