3 skincare application tweaks for amped up glow

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#1 The new method: Gliding

Cleansing sounds like a tough job doesn’t it? Think scrubbing, grinding and sweating to remove grime, stains & bacteria. And although you don’t treat your skin like the corners of your apartment (or do you), you’re naturally inclined to use more force than you need to.

What to do instead: When it comes to your next cleanse, foam up cleanser on your palms first (instead of trying to foam up on skin) before gently gliding the lather on your skin. The key is to glide like your fingers are ice skates and your skin is the ice ring. 

It might feel a little counterintuitive to be using that little force when you're supposed to be 'cleansing' but think about it this way: treat a surface rough and it becomes rough, treat a surface gently and it remains brand new 

What will become: You’ll experience smoother, happier skin that's just as clean


#2 Urgent Toning

Ok the last thing we want is to be stress or in a state of rush when it comes to your skincare routine. At the core of your skincare routine is self-love and space BUT here’s a golden rule

You don’t want to dry your skin or allow your skin to completely dry after cleansing and before patting / spritzing on your toner. 


Because applying your toner on damp skin increases absorption of your toner and all the steps that comes after. Remember when you wore a new shirt that has never been soaked in water before and you dripped some water on it? Water balls up into a droplets sitting on your shirt because water molecules are attracted to water molecules but when a surface is dessert dry, liquid is not welcome to penetrate as easy as it can  

What to do instead: After cleansing or showering, stop dripping water from your hair and dry your hands before swiping excess water off your face. With a thin layer of dampness left being the catalyst, pat in your toner

What will become: You’ll notice how much more welcoming your skin is of your toner and every step that comes after which = to deeper penetration and ultimately greater efficacy of the intended results

#3 Glaze Up

Instead of rubbing, massaging or just patting, try GLAZING

Like you would apply a thick coat of lip gloss or spread butter on bread, it’s all about applying in a manner of glazing your moisturiser on with the gentlest force (pattern alert)

Quick reminder: a moisturizer is meant to seal in the previous skincare steps while nourishing the skin with whatever it’s formula brings about

So massaging it into the skin as if we want it to dive deep like a Serum is irrational and redundant, your moisturizer was meant to “coat” your skin whether thin or thick

What to do instead: Dot the four corners of your face with your desired amount of moisturizer and gently glaze it out with the length of your finger to evenly coat your entire face. To end: rub palms together to create a warm contact and hug face with light presses

What will become: Skin will reap full benefits of what your moisturizer was meant to do. In most cases: Improved skin texture and glow

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    Love your articles they’re really helpful and entertaining and I learned a lot from them. Always looking forward to more! 👍🏼❤️

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