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How To Achieve Korean Glass Skin In Singapore

Korean model SeoJinBan rocking the Glass Skin When I first heard about 'Glass Skin', the jargon for Korea's ideal skin standard, it took me a second to realize that it's baby skin equivalent with overflowing  moisture levels. That's setting the standards way over scale, don't you think?  Reflective, transparent and evenly toned - that's dreamy, untouchable skin, and to think that it's only exclusive to the Korean DNA or feasible after an exhausive 10 step korean skincare routine morning and evenings is quite unjust. But it's truly achievable in less time and effort than you'd think; and it's more of what you should avoid doing, than what you should be doing.  Think about it this way: You might be doing...

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Simplistic Skin Begin Cleanser Review

*Note this review first appeared on  SIMPLISTIC SKIN BEGIN CLEANSER Okay, I am just going to say it now ~ this is one amazing cleanser and I will repurchase it.  It was one of my favorite products in 2016 and I really love it.  It has reached Holy Grail status for me in terms of a cleanser, which is a rare thing, btw ~ only one other cleanser has reached that and that is the above mentioned Ciracle Tea Tree Anti-Blemish Cleanser.   This 250 mL cleanser comes in a simple, streamlined, brown squared off  bottle.  I feel like I need some Danish furniture around when I use Simplistic Skin products ~ they have minimalist packaging, but aesthetically pleasing to...

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How To: Strategically Put Together An Error-Free Skincare Routine

I remember walking down a department store about 5 years ago, looking up and browsing through the skincare brands with a squint, subconsciously taking mental notes on which counter's gonna be favorable for my acneic skin. I settled for a brand that emits a clinical, gentle, natural resound. I surrended to the saleslady's recommendation upon first question: "Which cleanser's best for my skin condition" Notable brands that would make it into my skincare arsenal are Biotherm (Homme or not) and Clinique because they looked reputable and they're costly, they must've somethin' sciency in there ainnit'? The saleslady recommended a baby blue bottle flaunting a white foam pump that stamps the word "ACNE" front and center. She explained I needed something...

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