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The missing step in my skincare routine that made it all pointless

It’s painful to say, but..   Your skin is never going to improve and your skincare routine.. is quite honestly a waste of time   Because you’re only left with 1/20 of an extremely important molecule compared to what you had when you were a baby   That is if you’re 18 years old. And if you’re older… let’s not go there   That important molecule is popular    Yet no one has really convinced you how your skincare routine is redundant without doing something it   No matter how severe or trivial your skin concerns are, we can all agree that we're ultimately striving to bring forth the healthiest version of our skinOnly then will your skin concern vanish while trouble and...

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What Acid Is For You Part 2: Alpha Hydroxy Acids

Hey, Evening Residents!   Today, I’ve got the second installment in my Acids series. In my last post, I covered Beta-Hydroxy Acids and the skin type that it's best for. I also briefly mentioned Alpha-Hydroxy Acids, aka AHAs which I'll be going into depth in this post! They all have their own benefits for particular skin types, so keep reading to know how to pick the right one for you.   So, what is an Alpha-Hydroxy Acid?   There are three Alpha-Hydroxy Acids used in skin care - Glycolic Acid, Lactic Acid, and Mandelic Acid. Their unique property over BHAs is the fact that they're water soluble (water cannot penetrate that deep into skin unlike oil), making them far less drying...

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Introducing Pyunkang Yul - The Ancient Eastern Medicinal Skincare

It feels like a part of you now doesn’t it?   Living with sensitive skin that displays itself in the form of disastrous redness, itchiness, bumps, breakouts and what not..   Daily flare ups triggered by the littlest things like stepping into a humid restroom or using the wrong moisturiser   And although you’ve learned overtime which skincare wrecks havoc on your skin and stopped using them   All you’re left with is a bunch of products that do not cause a reaction, but doesn’t cure your hyper-sensitivity either   What you desperately want is a strategically designed skin prescription ready to treat the root cause of your skin’s disorder   Regaining the original healthy version of your skin you...

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Supersizing your sun protection for the sun cautious a.k.a everyone

Being born brown-skinned in rural India and never having learned the importance of sunscreen despite all the sun, I first started using sunscreen at 20.   It’s been a long time (how much time isn’t important!), but not a day goes by when I don’t curse myself for not starting earlier. I could have made my youth last so much longer, at least on the surface.   And the fact that roughly 70% of my patients present with conditions that are either caused by or worsened by sun exposure just adds to my misgivings about the adequacy of only ‘using sunscreen’ as protection against sun damage.    Accepting that the stupid past cannot be changed, I now try to minimize...

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From dull to hyper-glowing skin: Wonder Essence

 Let’s face it.    Your skin is dull.   Not dull enough to irk you whenever you look in the mirror but dull enough to feel a little envious when you look at Kwon Nara’s skin..      I mean, who doesn’t want to possess skin that’s glowingly bright at every inch without a trace of gloomy lacklustre?    But these celebrities - they're either born with it or has access to the plushest facials and products   Trying to achieve such a facet will require a ton of commitment and a huge budget..   And so I thought..    But teleport down to the streets of Seoul Korea and you’ll find yourself strutting along side commuting civilians, no not celebrities, who all...

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